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Welcome to Gl. Klitgaard camping & Cottages

Gl. Klitgaard Camping is one of the most beautifully situated campsites in Denmark. Situated by the amazing North Sea and with one of the most beautiful beaches lots of activities awaits you. 

The site has a wonderful atmosphere - Everyone greets everyone and here there is space for differences. There is space for those who appreciate the beautiful nature, space for those who want to ride Icelandic horses, space for those who want to participate in one or more of our many activities, space for those who want to visit our Mini -Zoo - In short: There is space for everyone.

Yours sincerely
The Kallmayer family



Gl. Klitgaard Camping og Hytteby

Lyngbyvej 331, DK-9480 Løkken

Tel: +45 98996566


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About the tent

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The area around Gl. Klitgaard camping and cottages

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