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Welcome to Fjordlyst Camping

Fjordlyst Camping is a cozy little campsite located in a beautiful natural environment in Aabenraa. From the campsite there is only 500 metres to the beach and harbour, 300 metres to the forest and only 2 km to the centre of the city where you will find delightful cafés, shopping opportunities, along with cultural and active experiences.

The campsite has a mix of both open and hedge surrounded pitches. Some of the which enjoy a lovely vista over the fjord and the city. The service building is placed centrally on the campsite, so no matter where on the campsite you are, you will be close to the facilities.

The campsite has two larger areas for tents. In one of the areas it is possible to take your car with you and park it next to the tent, here it will be possible to access electricity as well.
The tent area near the reception has an amazing view of the fjord and the city. The other tent area has idyllic surroundings with lots of trees, you get the feeling that you are in a forest.

Fjordlyst Hotel & Camping

Sønderskovvej 100, DK-6200 Aabenraa

Tel: +45 74622699


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About the tent

Moment 300 North is a modern and a new version of the classical villa tent. The asymmetric structure is filled with nostalgia but is still the best solution you will see today, it gives you lots of space. This is the perfect villa tent for the family with room for 4 people.

The tent and terrace is constructed with a permanent flooring. It contains 4 real beds, so no air mattresses. There is a dining area including a table and chairs for 4 people and a little fridge.

There is a sun canopy over the terrace.  


The area around Fjordlyst Camping

The area around Aabenraa is known by it’s many water mills.

Rundemølle is located scenic in the bottom of a valley near Genner bay and Kalvø creek. On the slope by the sunken road that winds towards the water mills, there is a beautiful view of the creek and the bay reaching towards Barsø.

Stenbjerg Water mill “æ knapp” (the mound) with a beautifully restored excursion restaurant in Swiss stile, lies in a scenic cleft facing Aabenraa inlet.

Farversmølle is located in the edge of the South Forrest, just near Fjordlyst with millpond and idyllic countryside.

Nymølle is located beautifully on a hillside in the Western part of town by Søst Forrest. Nymølle is a 2 story mill that can be traced all the way back to the 17th century.

Towards the East lie Krusmølle and Felsbækmølle. The two mills lie so close to each other, that through the years there have been long disputes about the rights to the mills. On Krusmølle there is today a foundry, making candles and applied art.

The water mill tour could end conveniently at Brundlund castle which is located in the town centre by the Slotsmølle stream. Here there is an art museum, Café and an idyllic castle garden.

Hærvejen or Oksevejen as it is also being called was used as a main road to the rest of Europe from the middle ages onwards.
The road was used to drive herds of cattle and transportation of commodity and armies.
Along the road there are a number of sights e.g. “Hærulfstenen” a rune stone from around 900 AD. placed north of Rødekro, or Immervad bridge, Povls bridge or Geilå bridge which are well preserved and done in granite boulder.
Experience Hærvejen by foot or bicycle.

The Harbour
Aabenraa is an old shipping town with proud traditions and a remarkable history, that among other things tell about the Aabenraa boats sailing on the coast of China. Experience the exhibition on the subject at Aabenraa Museum.
The harbour and navigation is still an important activity for the town, that besides the industrial harbour also holds one of South Jutland’s biggest marinas


Brundlund Castle – museum
Brundlund castle is located in the centre of Aabenraa and is today an art museum. The castle is surrounded by a moat, so to access the castle you have to cross a bridge.
The castle has a pleasant garden with statues and other exhibitions. The Garden is also full of beautiful flowers and plants during the spring and summer period. The garden is used by the citizens and is located just by the castle mill and the mill stream. In summer you will find many ducks near the watermill and the mill stream.

Ask in the reception on the campsite if you want to know more about the exhibitions and what is going on at the castle in the moment.