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Welcome to Fur Camping

FUR Camping is a small and cozy campsite with high ceilings and the opportunity to really relax.

Get in gear and experience the very special island life.

The site is laid out in terraces, and in harmony with the unique nature we are in. Most have a view of the Limfjord, and the campsite is only 400 metres from the beach with the picturesque cliffs - and 200 volcanic ash layers. "Knudeklinten" is running as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The service building was modernized in 2013 with new bathrooms and family rooms - with underfloor heating and muted music. An extension has been made to the kitchen with living room and dining area - and a view of the Limfjord.

There is a rich plant and animal life on the site - there are hedgehogs, foxes - even deer right inside the campsite. They live here - just as berries, shrubs and mushrooms grow in the campsite's natural boundaries.

Most of the pitches can be supplied with 230V 10A electricity from CEE connectors, and there is a separate tent area for light campers - e.g. cyclists and hikers.

- Then there are only 1,500 meters through the forest to Fur Brewery!


FUR Camping

Råkildevej 6, Anshede, DK-7884 Fur

Tel: +45 97593333


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About the tent

Glamping is a term that covers a new form of luxury camping. Glamping can best be translated to "Glamorous Camping" or "Tent holiday in first class". You have, so to speak, taken the home comfort or hotel room facilities out into nature. You live in a villa tent with all the benefits it entails: perhaps to pamper yourself and your partner - or for families with children, where there are new playmates, playground, ball field and the opportunity to do everything you can think of. Then you still live right in the middle of nature.

In the glamping tent there are real beds to sleep in, a fridge and a really cozy atmosphere.

Our tents are new Isabella Moment 300, where the best moments taken out of history in 1964 and updated to a modern 2019 version. The tent is "the good old days" in a newly interpreted version that makes the good old days present - and even better. They are set up on a wooden base, and in front there is a wooden terrace with awning.

There are a total of 4 beds: a sleeping cabin with a box spring mattress of 120x200 cm and an annex with a box spring mattress of 140x200 cm. The beds have a top mattress, duvets and pillows, so only linen must be brought - or rented.

The tents are furnished with chairs and table, kitchen service, refrigerator, kettle and mini grill. There are lights and electrical outlets, so you can charge eg mobile phones, as well as wireless WiFi on site.

The tents are located, so you get a view of the Limfjord when you look out of the tent opening - and only approx. 50 metres from a modern service building.

It measures approx. 15.5 m2 + annex of 3m2, and then the sun canopy over the terrace is approx. 11.5m2

In the event of a storm, we reserve the right to lower the sun canopy!

The area around Fur Camping

Welcome to FUR  - experience the beautiful, unspoiled landscape and the local hospitality - an oasis for holidays and holidays all year round.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family!

Fur has approx. 800 inhabitants and an area of ​​22 km2. The island contains a wealth of distinctive landscapes with numerous opportunities for nature experiences. An east-west ridge rises markedly to the north, from where there is a magnificent view of the island and the Limfjord. Along the steep slopes of the north coast, there is ample opportunity to study painted with dark streaks of volcanic ash. Fur offers excellent beaches.

There have been people on Fur for thousands of years. The many burial mounds and settlements testify to an island with great activity in ancient times. Gravhøjene, Stendal Høje, Manhøje and Smedjehøje are all located on the island's highest points, from where you have an excellent view over the Limfjord.

If you want to experience the island's magnificent nature, it is a good idea to follow Fur's kikometer - long nature trails. There are signs on the route that show the way and inform about the sights.

Moler consists of clay and microscopic diatoms called diatoms that lived as plankton algae in a sea of​​moles that 55,000,000 years ago covered Denmark.

Moleret is also known for its content of well-preserved fossil fish, insects, birds, reptiles and plants. The mole contains approx. 200 volcanic ash layers. The ash layers have been formed during repeated volcanic eruptions in connection with the opening of the North Atlantic between Norway and Greenland.

Nordfurs hill country is known for its fantastic views. From the top of the ancient burial mounds Stendalhøje (Bette Jenses Hyw) and Smedehøje you can see the entire central part of Lomfjordslandet with Livø, Himmerland, Salling, Mors and Thy.

If you drive on the stretch between Stendalhøje and Smedehøje, you can see that today's people also characterize the landscape. Piers are dug - and to such an extent that a new man-made cultural landscape emerges.

Judging from the wauw experience that many thousands of visitors have already had, it will be one of the greatest tourist experiences of the coming decades.

Due to the two paint factories, Fur is the only one of the Danish small islands that can rightly call itself an industrial society. The factories give Fur about 100 jobs and thus a commute to the island. The painting industry is also very much in favor of Fur having two modern ferries with numerous departures around the clock. It takes many thousands of trucks to and from the island.

As a tourist, you can experience the mole excavation from the road or from the vantage point with tables / benches and information boards. You can also drive down past Bispehuen or go on a fossil hunt with nature guides down in the grave - it happens on all weekdays in the month of July starting from Stendal Høje at. 13.00